About Andago

ANDAGO is born out of the desire to bring to the world a new branch of prestigious jewelry consisting of the use of alternate natural materials such as rocks, fibers and threads, and not just precious metals.

We innovate a new category of exclusive fashion in which we combine fine jewelry with precious, semi-precious minerals with metals from all over the world, to provide an organic, spiritual and luxury extension to our body.
In this way we have the possibility to influence in the control of the feelings and emotions, apart from the positive vibes that surround us daily.

Each piece is different in its own way for the same reason: they are worked in the most natural and clean way so that it reaches your hand as Virgin as possible.

At ANDAGO we offer our customers the highest quality standards.
So we decided to get the best materials in the world to put them within your wrist's reach.
We have materials from Sweden, USA, Brazil, China, South Africa, Russia, India, Spain, Argentina and Mexico.

Every product acquired at ANDAGO gives us what to talk about. The bracelets are designed based on different sources of inspiration, such as places, dates, art, objects, people and even phrases.

Therefore, all the pieces have an abstract justification: from the name, to the elements that compose it.

The minerals in each piece have various medicinal and healing qualities that have traditionally been used by human civilizations over the years. 

This information is used by our main designer to bring to life new collections and therefore fresher models.

Our goal is perfection, our focus is detail, our priority is quality.
We offer lifetime warranty when purchasing any product (except accessories). 

ANDAGO is proudly one of the few brands that offers completely unisex inventory. We see it simple: if you like it, put it on.
The best quality for the best customers.